Welcome to Charleston Scrabble Club!

Note: Our club has moved to virtual meetings until we can meet again face to face. Instructions for online play may be found here.

Tired of just playing online? Ready for a little face-to-face? Charleston Scrabble® Club meets monthly and welcomes new members. Whether you are a seasoned tournament player or a newcomer to the game, join us for a fun-filled day of Scrabble.  For more information, Contact Marty at daivamart@mchsi.com.

Check out our site for club stats and news, info on upcoming area tournaments, and more.

Complete results for the 2020 March Gladness tournaments may be found on the Tournament Results page.

A special Thanksgiving meeting of the Charleston Scrabble Club will take place online this Saturday, November 28 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Instructions for online play can be found at CSC Online. Contact Marty at daivamart@mchsi.com for more information.

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