Charleston Scrabble Club is moving online until we can once again meet face to face. We will play our games on the website Internet Scrabble Club. Matches will be set up and scores recorded on the website Discord. Each player will need to open an account on both sites. To aid in this process, Bill Slough has kindly written two sets of instructions. You can view them here. Plus, you may download them in PDF format.

Instructions for creating an Internet Scrabble Club account

additional Notes

Players should make their ISC time setting 35 minutes (NOT 25 minutes).
Nevertheless, the standard NASPA time limit penalty for exceeding 25 minutes should still be enforced.
Players should deduct 10 points per minute (or fraction of a minute) as they customarily would in a club or tourney game.


Kahuna601 (Marty) is playing TT9000 (Troy). Each player’s clock shows 35:00 minutes initially. The clocks alternately tick off each player’s remaining time as they play. The game ends and the scoreboard shows Marty is ahead 420-391. The scoreboard also shows 6:56 of remaining time on Marty’s clock. However, Marty has actually exceeded the 25 minutes of penalty free playing time allotted per NASPA rules. Because 35-25=10, Marty incurred a time penalty as soon as his clock showed less than ten minutes of remaining time. In this case, he incurs a 40 point penalty for exceeding the NASPA time limit by 3:04 (one minute and four seconds). Consequently, the correct final score in this hypothetical (but far from implausible) game is actually 391-380 in Troy’s favor, even though the ISC scoreboard indicates Marty has won 420-391.

Additional note:

Troy’s clock continues to run after Marty’s out play. This happens so Troy will have an opportunity to challenge the play. Troy’s clock will stop and the game will end when he challenges the out play and it is immediately adjudicated as acceptable. Another way Troy may stop his clock in this situation is to click on the “Pass” button.  Taking this action simply stops Troy’s clock and concludes the game. Troy should only take this action if he is willing to concede that Marty’s out play is acceptable.

When a player exceeds their displayed remaining time by one minute on ISC they automatically forfeit the game. If Marty’s ISC time limit had been set at 25 minutes instead of being set at 35 minutes, ISC would have immediately declared Troy the winner before the game was finished in the example above, as soon as Marty’s clock showed -1:00. However, NASPA rules permit players to exceed their time limit by up to 10 minutes before they must forfeit the game automatically. 

instructions for creating a Discord account