The following players are recognized for their outstanding performances during 2020: 


Most improved Player award

daiva markelis


Daiva raised her online club rating 113 points by winning almost two-thirds of her games and averaging 399 points per game!! An excellent strategist and end game standout, Daiva is particularly dangerous online, where she is never tripped up by sloppy tracking or careless score keeping errors. She also had a knack for well timed descriptive words, playing PANDEMIC for best Halloween word and HARVEST for best fall season word. Ranji Adukia merits an honorable mention for raising her online club rating 96 points!

 spirit award

bill slough

 Bill played enthusiastically and joyfully regardless of whether he was winning or losing. He consistently displayed good sportsmanship and a hardy, indomitable spirit. And his skill level has steadily improved with added experience. Moreover, Bill deserves huge kudos for coming up with the plan for moving our club online, working with Mr. Director to promote it, and providing the yeoman’s share of the necessary technical support. Penny Sitler gets honorable mention for 46 games played, 3rd most after Bill and Marty. 

outrageous * award

wendy edwards

Wendy’s outrageous phoney was FLOWIEST*, which was especially outrageous because experienced players would almost certainly recognize that FLOWY* is a phoney five letter word! If one did not know how utterly guileless Wendy is, one might suspect she’d slyly hoped her opponent would mistake her phoney for FLOWERIEST.  Mary Maddox gets honorable mention for BETTIES#. At least BETTY# is good in CSW.