The following players are recognized for their outstanding performances during 2018: 


Most improved Player award

Daiva markelis

Daiva raised her TWL club rating from 1224 to 1375 and her points per game average from 373 to 394!! The improvements of 151 points in rating and 21 points in scoring average are extraordinary and among the largest ever in the club’s 15 year history!!

 spirit award

cheri grizzard / della lutz

Cheri enthusiastically attended club meetings whenever she could, driving to Charleston from her home in Normal, IL. She also played regularly on Thursday evenings at the Champaign Scrabble Club. Fittingly, Cheri played in five tourneys in 2018, finishing no lower than third in any and winning her division most recently! Della directed the Champaign club and organized and directed a tourney there in December. Della was happy to play TWL or CSW. She played more total games in Charleston than anyone!!

outrageous * award

angela vietto / mary maddox

Angela and Mary won this award in atypical fashion. Winners of this particular award usually have successfully played a plethora of phoneys, including at least one that seemed to suggest an inordinate belief in their bluffing ability, extremely creative spelling skills, an abnormal penchant for risk-taking, and/or plain old silliness. However, Angela and Mary each played only one phoney bingo all year!! Moreover, they were each in contention for the very coveted and prestigious Sincerity Award through the summer and into the fall. Angela actually won the award in 2017 and seemed poised to repeat until she played FAILERS*, not realizing, as many before her have failed to do, that this is a phoney. (FLUNKERS is acceptable, by the way; go figure!) Mary was then the primary contender for the Sincerity Award until she played BATHOES* during the final club meeting in December. One might think that Mary misspelled the word for a piece of Batman’s fire-fighting equipment, but she said she’d just misspelled the acceptable, BATHOS (“triteness”).

 sincerity award

wendy edwards

Wendy qualified for this award by averaging at least one bingo per game and having no bogus bingos recorded all year. She actually played 27 acceptable bingos in 20 games! Impressively, this is the second time in four years Wendy has won the Sincerity Award!! Those fortunate enough to know Wendy will certainly attest to her sincere kindness.